Company History

Elliott Recht established Recht Associates in 1962 in Los Altos, CA after having worked as an electrical engineer for IBM and Beckman Instruments and as a manufacturers' representative for Ault Associates.

In its first two decades Recht Associates grew rapidly by focusing on the early electronics industry that was centered on analytical equipment, microwave and defense products. Key lines in the 1960s and 1970s were Potter & Brumfield, Microwave Associates, IMC Magnetics and ITT Canon.

As the electronics industry grew in the San Francisco Bay Area, Recht Associates expanded product offerings in order to service the growing computer product and consumer applications associated with the beginning of Silicon Valley. The company's focus remained in the passive and electromechanical components area which brought well known manufacturers to Recht Associates such as Murata Electronics, Panasonic and Elcon Products.

In 1988 ownership transferred from Elliott and Dru Reynolds to David Recht and Glenn Miller. Pat Kehoe became a partner in 1990 followed by John Fullem's partnership after Glenn retired in 2001. With David's retirement in June 2014, John Fullem became President and, together with Pat, continued to lead Recht Associates forward.

Since 2001 Recht Associates has continued to prosper by leveraging long term relationships with customers, principals and employees. Many of Recht Associates' employees have tenure with the company exceeding 15 years. This stability has enabled Recht Associates to continue the work of maximizing our manufacturers' return by utilizing our deep knowledge of customers and the marketplace. Recht Associates remains one of the leading manufacturers' representatives in northern California and is known for its dedicated and disciplined approach for bringing value to our manufacturers and customers.