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 Indium Corporation Gold/Tin (AuSn) Preforms for Die Attach Application

APEM develops and produces custom capacitive keypads and interface panels ›

APEM continues to develop out capacitive technology, providing for a modern and reliable interface panel solution.

March 30, 2022

IDEC product spotlight: XN4E Series eStops

IDEC product spotlight: XN4E Series eStops ›

IDEC XN4E Series Estops have the highest safety level provided thanks to IDEC's unique reverse energy structure and the fool-proof “Safe break action.”

January 25, 2021

APEM Releases FNR Series Miniature Sealed Rocker Switch

APEM Releases FNR Series Miniature Sealed Rocker Switch ›

APEM is launching its new FNR series: a new, completely watertight rocker switch, specially designed for easy forward & reverse control.

January 25, 2021