Amphenol Industrial Sustainable Technologies (AIST) has introduced RadCrimp™ Solar Splice with Melni Spiral Termination Technology.

August 22, 2022

As solar power generation grows world-wide, medium to large-scale industrial and commercial installations of photovoltaic modules must now be compliant with several national and regional electrical and mechanical safety standards, and be cost-effective in order to be viable in the marketplace.

Due to the wide selection of DC interconnect solutions and choices available in the PV market, mating of different manufacturers, and poor crimping of PV connectors is a major problem. Along with the need to replace aging connectors with a quick and cost-effective solution.

Introducing the RadCrimp™ Solar Splice with Melni Spiral Termination Technology from Amphenol Industrial Sustainable Technologies (AIST). A robust DC connector rated to UL 1500V DC specifications. The RadCrimp™ Solar Splice with Melni Spiral Termination Technology removes improper mating from the equation. The RadCrimp™ will eliminate the timely process of crimping, the need to buy expensive crimping equipment, and will be an overall quicker, safer solution than the PV connectors of the past. This new innovation in technology provides a safe and reliable connection the industry desperately needs.

The RadCrimp™ is ideal for use in new solar PV installations, field retrofits and repairs, in solar installations and any other field terminations requiring a robust sealed power connection. The simple and fast termination eliminates the need for crimping and specialized crimp tools and can be safely installed by field technicians.

Melni's dual spiral technology, allows for a very quick, easy and long-lasting connection with a pull strength unparalleled by its competitors. The innovative RadCrimp™ connector is assembled by stripping the PV wires/cables, inserting them into the connector and tightening the connector end caps to the specified torque. Since the RadCrimp™ is a single connector, there is no risk of mating incompatible connectors from different manufacturers and violating UL 6703 requirements. The secure "crimpless" termination eliminates the risk of crimp related assembly failures in the field.


This unique technology also has the advantages that, based on technical specifications, has potential to be used in many other applications that can utilize the benefit RadCrimp™ connectors bring.

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