Manufacturer Spotlight — Amphenol Technical Products International

February 08, 2023

Amphenol Technical Products International brings over 30 years of experience in development and manufacture of engineered interconnect assemblies for harsh environments.

Amphenol Technical Products International (ATPI), a Canadian company, is an international supplier of electrical interconnect products and assemblies to a wide range of industries. ATPI is a company under the Amphenol Corporation and operates within the Amphenol Industrial Products Group (AIPG).

ATPI has manufacturing facilities in three countries serving five continents directly. ATPI brings flexibility to allow for production in Asia, North America, and Europe and can provide for low and high-volume production.

ATPI's products include standard and custom interconnects, cable assemblies, and wiring harnesses focused on Harsh Environment applications. ATPI products utilize injection molding and leading-edge engineering resins, together with the latest processing equipment to provide superior sealing, vibration, temperature, and electrical performance.

When you need a custom solution, a custom overmold, busbar assembly or an engineered cable assembly ATPI has the capability to meet that need. Standard product offering may not always meet your requirements (size, routing, cable type, etc.) and ATPI engineering can provide design guidance on a fully designed product/assembly that will meet all your required criteria. The ability to integrate connectivity into a full ATPI solution gives you freedom to work within the entire connectivity market. ATPI’s custom injection molded busbars, lugs, contacts, and cable assemblies provide enhanced sealing and electrical isolation while reducing size and space for critical routing/packaging requirements.

The worldwide vision of ATPI is enabling the electrification revolution in the following market segments:

Learn more about the industries served by ATPI.

ATPI products meet the needs for these markets and are designed for ultimate reliability.

Product families include:

Amphenol Technical Products International continuously maintains the highest standards for quality and product performance.

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