Amphenol LTW’s X-Lok Series connectors provide for ease of use for power, signal, and hybrid applications for fast, simple, and reliable connections

May 19, 2023

Amphenol LTW’s X-Lok Series connectors available in metal or plastic in various sizes for power, data, signal, or hybrid for fast, robust, simple, secure, and reliable connections. Featuring a push lock mechanism for intuitive mating with audible and tactile feedback. The X-Lok Series are foolproof, intuitive and enable quicker installation than traditional threaded solutions. With UL1977 & 2238+50e certification, ALTW's X-Lok is your ideal solution for outdoor harsh environment applications.

X-Lok Mini Size connectors are small and light-weight IP68 waterproof connectors which have similar panel cut out as M12. Offering 2 to 33 contacts with a rated current of 0.5A to16A (depending on the number of contacts), and providing fast, easy, and space-saving connection.

Amphenol LTW has the ability to provide for a complete harness assembly for both plug and receptacle. As an alternative solution to M12 style, X-Lok offers blind mating, easy connection and disconnect in both plastic and metal. Stainless steel options is available. X-Lok has a contact density of up to 33 contacts that can handle Power AC/DC, data, signal or hybrid. With a nominal current from 0.5A to 16A, and rated voltage to 630V.



Amphenol LTW X-Lok series can also be field installable and come with many accessories. X-Lok to RJ45, multiport adaptors, inline and T and many more. Established in 1993, LTW Technology Co. designs, manufactures, and customizes a wide range of waterproof connectors, cable assemblies and interconnect systems for harsh and rugged environments. With over 300 worldwide patents, Amphenol LTW provides innovative products and solutions in LED Lighting, Marine, Heavy Equipment and Industrial Automation, Renewable Energy, Broadband Wireless Access, etc. Every product is made to meet the highest possible quality standards.

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