APEM develops and produces custom capacitive keypads and interface panels. These keypads and interface panels meet all requirements for industrial, professional and consumer markets.

March 30, 2022

APEM continues to develop out capacitive technology, providing for a modern and reliable interface panel solution.

APEM capacitive control panels are made with either polycarbonate or glass filled materials. These keyboards can meet high requirements on reliability while having a modern look.

APEM capacitive panels are made with either polycarbonate or glass filled materials. APEM’s technical ability to design control panels with plastic capacitive technology, allows for different sized and shaped buttons, sliders, and for proximity sensing. It supports illumination and can be combined with interfaces, like CAN bus or USB. APEM can monitor the sensitivity of the capacitive function to adjust the click type to what is typical for the application users.

The high reliability technology doesn’t just look sleek. It also has a long lifetime with no mechanical wear. It can handle vibrations, shock, and most importantly cannot be activated by the flow of water.

APEM capacitive keyboards are excellent for applications that require frequent cleaning and/or resistance to chemicals. Designs where a lot of different functions are required and where a reliability and modern-looking design is important. APEM can work with you to a specific interface design, adaptation to your mechanical constraints.

Application Areas:

Main Features and Customization:

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