Coto Technologies RedRock® TMR Magnetic Sensors & Switches

July 19, 2023

Coto Technologies brings you advanced switching and magnetic sensing solutions using proven ultra-low power consumption TMR magnetic sensor technology, the high-performance RedRock® analog and digital TMR magnetic sensors have numerous technologically advanced applications in multiple markets. Offering the lowest power consumption, highest sensitivity, ultra-miniature package size, short lead times and a highly competitive price, these TMR Magnetic Sensor devices are ideally suited to the demands of next generation security, metering, medical, automotive, instrumentation, and industrial markets.

Application Examples:

Due to their low power consumption, high sensitivity, small size, and ease of availability, RedRock® magnetic sensors are popular alternatives to existing Hall Effect sensors and Reed Switches.

Medical Applications benefitted by TMR technology include portable and battery-powered devices such as ingestible and implantable designs that are hermetically sealed and, therefore, need a way to be triggered without compromising their protective encasement.

Coto Technologies TMR sensors can also be used to replace Hall Effect Sensors, Open & Anti-Tamper Detection, Speed & Direction estimation in rotating systems as well as allow you to improve Metering Performance designs.

Learn more about Coto Technologies TMR Sensor products and gain further knowledge from this easy-to-understand Coto Technologies TMR selector guide.

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