Eaton Electronics ECSTA Series Automotive Grade Current Sense Transformers manage current levels in high power automotive systems.

February 15, 2023

Eaton Electronics ECSTA product series of automotive qualified current sense transformers that are suitable for high-reliability automotive and commercial applications.

EATON Electronics ECSTA series, provides for accurate sensing and measurement of current levels in power circuits and also incorporates a low DC resistance coil that can sense current levels and current direction changes with minimal energy dissipation. The ECSTA series is AEC-Q200 tested and ideal for high-reliability automotive and commercial applications.

EATON Electronics ECSTA series of products help prevent overcurrent conditions and other current fault conditions in powered circuits. They feature a rugged bobbin construction ideal for use in harsh operation environments/conditions.

ECSTA series include improving the efficiency of high-frequency switched-mode power supplies (SMPS), AC Detection, load drop, shutdown detection, system tampering detection, load measuring and high-frequency current sensing.

Features and benefits:


EATON Electronics storied automotive legacy, filters down across all divisions of EATON Electronics. EATON continuously looks to improve and develop products that bring value and engineering expertise to OEM’s designs.

Learn more from EATON Electronics in their use case document.

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