IDEC product spotlight: XN4E Series eStops

January 25, 2021

IDEC XN4E Series Estops have the highest safety level provided thanks to IDEC's unique reverse energy structure and the fool-proof “Safe break action.”

Add an additional layer of safety with a lockout feature that prevents unauthorized resetting of a latched e-stop. Numerous options available to fulfill all possible needs. Padlockable – can be locked using padlocks when latched (main contact: OFF) With a rugged aluminum diecast shroud that allows for installing a maximum of 20 padlocks using a hasp. (total weight: 1500g max). Colors red (Munsell 5R4/12) or bright red (Munsell 7.5R4.5/14) colors are available. A full suite of accessories and tools / nameplates are available in XN4E series products.

Technical features:

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