Product Spotlight: Indium Corporation Gold/Tin (AuSn) Preforms for Die Attach Application

July 21, 2021

Indium Corporation’s Indalloy 182 (80Au/20Sn) is one of the many types of solder preforms available from Indium Corporation. Indium Corporation is a leading gold solder innovator for high-temperature and high-reliability applications, such as die-attach and hermetic sealing in medical, aerospace, optoelectronics, automotive, and many other industries. Indalloy 182 can be made into solder preforms with various options to address specific applications. Gold-Tin solder preforms are generally used in applications that require a high melting temperature, (over 150deg C), good thermal fatigue properties, and high temperature strength. Gold-Tin is also used in applications that require high tensile strength and high corrosive resistance or in step soldering applications where the preform will not melt during a subsequent low temperature reflow process. This alloy is suitable for flux-less soldering as well.

It is with these attributes that Indalloy 182 solder preforms are an excellent choice for die bonding applications. The qualities of AuSn alloys are preferable for high power die. Working with Indium Corporation, their metal engineers can provide the needed expertise to optimize preform performance.

Indium Corporation can provide for alloy chemistry, geometry and packaging. Guidelines for preform geometry, include die size, bond line and the critical specification of flatness. Packaging is available in waffle tray and tape and reel. Both are excellent for automated assembly and provide for stable protection in transit and storage. Die attach preforms can come in many sizes, so flexibility in design is most important.

Features and Benefits:

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