Murata offers First in Class Ultra Small, Long Life, Integrated Cellular Modem Type 1SC-DM

March 22, 2021

Murata Electronics Type 1SC-DM Modem module is an integrated cellular modem offering ultra-small packaging, long life and dual mode modem capability. This Type 1SC Modem features low and mid bands, low current consumption (eDRX and PSM), and battery life of 10+ years. Ideally suited for small, battery operated IoT devices and applications.

Type 1SC brings the smallest and most highly integrated LTE Cat M1/NB1 modem available in the market, having a 21% less square area then the nearest competitor. Included are iUICC for select MNO profiles and Multi-band (low and mid band) support that covers most of the globe. Murata Type 1SC provides options within a single modem that allows end customers the flexibility of switching between modes globally, especially for those carriers planning to support both modes. At a dimensional size of 11.1 x 11.4 x1.5mm (max) all the while providing for a global coverage area and support for GPS/GNSS Murata has thoughtfully designed this product for ease of use and integration into your designs.

Features - LTE Cat M1 - 23 dBm:

An available EVK board that provides for evaluation and application development for the Type1SC module. This kit includes 2 mini-USB ports, NBIoT board antenna, 1 micro SIM slot,1 reset button and, SMA connector for RF testing, Pads for accessing Type1SC IO pins.

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