Murata Electronics Announces World's First 48 Volt Fully Integrated Charge Pump‑Based, Step‑Down, DC‑DC Converter

April 20, 2021

Murata Electronics has launched series PE252xx, this is the world's first 48 Volt divide-by-4 charge pump capacitor divider with integrated switching field-effect transistors (FETs).

Capable of delivering up to 72 watts of power with peak efficiency of 97%, the interleaved switching capacitor architecture is based on Murata's unique lossless charge pump technology, providing extremely low input and output ripple with excellent electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance. The solution is presented in a compact footprint with 1.2 mm height, making it ideal for low-profile applications and placement on the underside of system boards. PE252xx devices can be connected in parallel to provide high power, high efficiency solutions suitable for a variety of 48V to 12V step-down conversion applications such as datacenters, networking routers, base stations and optical equipment.

OEM designers have traditionally relied upon brick converters to stepdown from 48V to the intermediate bus, usually 12V. The Murata Electronics PE252xx is enabling system architects to design high power, 48V converters in a smaller footprint with enhanced efficiency and low noise performance. System designers have the flexibility to choose between creating a single high-power bulk 48V bus system with PE252xx devices connected in parallel or distributing individual PE252xx devices close to the point-of-load, thereby reducing system PCB copper losses.

Murata Electronics also offers a PE252xx evaluation kit available for this product. The PE252xx evaluation kit (EVK) is a hardware platform that allows customers to easily test the step-down DCDC converter. The PE252xx EVK can be operated with a 20V* to 60V input voltage, and the input is divided by 4 and delivers up to 5A.

Features and Benefits:

Learn more how this Murata Electronics technology is ideally suited to provide 'lossless' step-down voltage conversion.

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