Murata Electronics products and technologies are improving tomorrow's healthcare devices and equipment — for life.

December 8, 2021

Murata Electronics is setting the pace for advancements in electronics for use in healthcare applications and is a key provider of the technologies which are shaping the future of healthcare around the world. Electronic components, sensors, wireless connectivity, RFID, batteries, and power modules have rapidly become so essential towards enhancing the functionality and reliability of the healthcare equipment that is required by our growing and changing population. Apart from Murata Electronics standard products, which are present in almost any electronic equipment you use, Murata has developed new, innovative products specifically for healthcare applications in testing and diagnostics; patient monitoring and assistance; wearable, portable and stretchable electronics; digital care and in-home care.

Some of the many Murata Electronics product families that cover health care are as follows:

Murata Electronics Sensor lineup responds to sensing needs of various applications within healthcare and medical. Utilizing sensing functions that make full use of MEMS processing technology, magneto resistive elements including ceramic material technology, enabling highly efficient and highly reliable sensing devices, modules and systems.

Murata Electronics NTC and PTC Thermistors in SMD and lead type thermistors enable accurate and reliable temperature sensing and real-time mapping with high precision and excellent thermal response.

Murata Electronics MEMS sensors that offer High accuracy and low-power consumption as the power requirements of these medical sensors are extremely low, which gives them a significant advantage in small battery-operated devices.

As the leading supplier of activity sensors for pacemakers, Murata also offers a wide range of pressure sensors, accelerometers, inclinometers and gyroscopes for various demanding medical and healthcare applications. Device developers and manufacturers of many existing and emerging healthcare applications have been able to reach their power and size requirements thanks to Murata’s MEMS technology.

Murata Electronics Connectivity modules offer Low-power reliable connectivity for healthcare devices. Healthcare devices are increasingly connected to each other and the web. Use a Murata module for proven RF excellence.

Murata RF modules make it easy for you to build connectivity into most devices, even those where space is limited and power consumption needs to stay low.

The many more Murata Electronics solutions for medical and health care can be found here in this expansive and informative brochure.

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