Murata Electronics introduces SCC400T high performance gyroscope and accelerometer series, a combined sensor family with Digital SPI Interface.

February 01, 2023

Murata Electronics continues to lead, with continued full development of sensor suite components and introduces the SCC400T sensor product series. Murata Electronics has developed a new MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) combined gyroscope and accelerometer sensor family, which has best in class offset and linearity stability performance over its lifetime and temperature. This new SCC400T series enables implementation of a 6DoF sensor solution on one application PCB by combining 5DoF and 1DoF sensors. The SCC400T series provides two parallel acceleration and turning rate outputs with independent filter controls via digital SPI communication interface. Gyroscope measurement range is ±300°/s for both parallel outputs and accelerometer measurement range is ±6g for normal and ±8g for secondary output. The sensor family offers excellent offset stability (offset drift over lifetime ≤ 0.9°/s, ≤ 25mg) and noise performance.

The new MEMS, ASIC and housing architectures contribute to best-in-class performance and size. The SCC400T product family offers two sensors with one or five degrees of freedom measurement. Both of the sensor versions are packaged into identical overmolded SOIC-16W plastic housing that guarantees reliable operation over product's lifetime. The SCC400T series complements Murata’s sensor portfolio by being smaller and a more cost-effective solution to challenging industrial applications.

Product Features:

Murata Electronics new SCC400T product family has been designed to meet the market need for high performance yet cost-efficient 6DoF solutions. The SCC400T sensors are specifically calibrated to improve accuracy in high performance industrial applications. Measuring rate and acceleration enables machine control systems to locate the true machine position from GPS data faster and more precisely. Furthermore, the accurate sensor family enables high quality visual inertial odometry even in harsh environments.

Murata Electronics SCC400T product platform architecture is developed for safety critical applications and features extensive failsafe functions and error bits for diagnostics. These include internal reference signal monitoring, checksum techniques for verifying communication, and signal saturation/over range detection.

If your typical applications include:

When the demands of your sensor designs require accuracy and reliability look no further than the expertise of Murata Electronics and their full suite of sensor products. Learn more here about Murata Electronics SCC400T product family.

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